Update on K! It’s been awhile…

Holy cow. It’s been TWO months since I’ve made a post on here. That’s embarrassing and really silly on my part. My apologies for how long it’s been and also for the long post that will follow.

Since my last post, I completed my second round of IM:30 and finished it in May.  As A mentioned in a previous post, I too was a little disappointed in my results.   I mean,  I had improvements in my overall fitness ability and my endurance is pretty good.  But I didn’t see any significant physical change in my body other than my arms.  I follow quite a bit of fitness people on Instagram and they show these 8 week transformations and all these women go from flab to fab in no time.  I get frustrated on the regular about why it’s so hard for me to lose weight or see significant change now.   Just 2 years ago, I could see change very quickly when I dialed in on my diet and started a new fitness program.  Things have changed and I’m stagnant.  I’m holding at 135-137 lbs.  Here’s what’s interesting:  When I was 127 lbs and felt my best, my waist was a size 27.  My waist is a size 27 right now.   Here I am 8-10 lbs heavier but my waist is the same.  I’m pretty sure my hips and thighs are bigger, but I carry my weight in my stomach so it’s just weird and bizarre to me.   I’m truly baffled by what’s going on with my body!


With that being said, let’s talk about what I’ve been doing since I finished IM:30.

I finished Max right before school let out for the summer, so now my dynamic has changed with my son being home.  We have been so busy wrapping up his soccer season, camps and play dates.  The days go by so fast.  I do make time for myself to get in a work out of some sort.  I’ve been running more on the road and trails, and I’ve done a few Max workouts, 21 day fix extreme workouts, and created my own HIIT-type workouts.  I’ve even trained with my friend who’s a personal trainer a few times and she kicked my ass.  Basically, my goal is to move hard for 30 mins 5-6x a week.  Last week I pretty much failed that goal in that I didn’t do any workouts, except play in a soccer league game yesterday.  I attended camp all week with my son and by the time I got home, I was exhausted from the stifling heat and activities.   Oh well, today is a new day and start of a new week.

My husband recently completed a Spartan race and now he’s all jacked up about completing his “trifecta” this year.  That means he needs to complete a sprint race (which he did), a super race, and a beast race.  The super is 8-10 miles and the beast is 10-16 miles.  The recommended activities to master the races is to be able to do burpees, pull-ups and push-ups.  I told him I couldn’t think of a better training program than IM:30!  Endurance is key for those races, then strength second.  I really want to do one, but I’ll start with a sprint to see if I like it.   So my sporadic training as of lately has been geared towards the possibility of doing a Spartan race in Chicago in August.  Eek!

We leave for Seattle on July 1 for a week.  I’m so pumped to visit my brother and his family!  My husband and son haven’t been there, so we are going to do it right and visit all the landmarks and eat our way through the city.  We have plans to hike Mount Rainier, so I’ll be sure to post a pic when we reach the top.  🙂 With that being said, I won’t be starting an exercise program until I get back.  I’m thinking I will do Insanity Asylum or a hybrid of Asylum and Max:30 the Monday I get back, so mid-July.  I tried a few workouts from 21 day extreme and it just didn’t give me the calorie burn that my body craves.  I know I didn’t give it a fair shot, but I can tell it’s not something I would want to stick with.  I did like the food containers that came with the program, so I’ll talk about that next!


I give myself a B- on clean eating for the past 2 months.  I’m going to drop some excuse bombs on you all, but I know you can relate!  Listen, life is crazy and unpredictable for most people.  The secret to getting an A+ in clean eating is to plan out and prep your healthy meals.  That’s it.  It seems easy enough, right?  It’s not.  At least for me it’s not.  Here come all my excuse bombs.

1).  I have a ton of family that live around me and there seems to always be some sort of function we need to attend, which always revolves around–you guessed it–FOOD.

2). We have some cool soccer friends that always want to go out for drinks and dinner, or invite us to their house after games.  I don’t like to turn down opportunities for my son to get social time with friends.  And who am I kidding…I need some social time with adults too!  I miss adult interaction since I stopped working.

3).  My husband works so hard and is gone a lot.  I don’t like creating a nice meal for just me.  And since our life has been on the go lately, it’s hard to sit down and enjoy salmon w/ broccoli and sweet potatoes while driving.    (don’t try that, by the way).

4).  I love chips and sneak them in my mouth every once in a while.

5). I’m easily influenced to ditch the prepped meal and do something else.

6).  It takes me forever to do things, so planning and prepping meals takes several hours.

So there’s my issues.  The good news is that I can work around these things and make good choices when we go out or just MAKE THE TIME to do the prep.  I gave myself a B- because I really work hard to order a salad when I go out, or drink one alcoholic beverage instead of three but I need to improve on portion control.  That’s the hardest part for me.   Here’s where those containers get pretty handy.  The 21 day fix plan is exactly the same as Max:30, so I try to get my 4 servings of protein, 3 veggies, 2 fruits, etc., etc.  Those tiny, baby containers really teach you how much you’ve probably been over-eating.


Here are the containers with various objects to show you the sizing.  Yes, that’s a cassette tape and I happened to have that around my house.  Long live the 80’s!

As you can see, the containers aren’t very big.  The green is veggies; purple: fruit; red: protein; yellow: carbs; blue: fats (avocado, nuts); and orange: dressings.  It really does take some getting used to for sure.  I won’t lie and say you won’t be HANGRY for the first few days.

This is a pic of one of my meals I made using the containers.  It was delicious for dinner and terrible left over the next day for lunch.  It’s quinoa, kale, sweet potatoes and an egg.  That’s on a small plate.  It actually filled me up for a good 30 minutes.  Hooray!   I’m kidding.  😉


And here’s some bathroom selfies of my stomach.  These are always taken first thing when I wake up in the morning, so don’t mind the pajama pants, tired eyes and messy hair.  🙂  I wish I didn’t have crappy lighting/shadowing in the last pics, because it’s hard to see results.  I do see a couple abs up top trying to make their debut.  Slowly but surely I pray they come out!







There you have it.  Sorry it’s been a long and overdue post.  I will be sure to keep you all updated more frequently.  Have a productive week and I will too!

Pura vida!




Writer’s Block.

Woah, so I haven’t posted since April 16.  And I don’t even really have a good excuse for not posting.  I haven’t been all that busy or anything, I just haven’t felt like I’ve had anything to say.  And the longer I go without posting, I feel like I need to have some epic awesome post when I come back.  So the longer I stare at the blank screen, the more the pressure builds to have something really important to say. And the truth is, I don’t really have anything important to say!  But, I will update you with what I’ve been doing the past month and a half.

First off, I finished my second round of Insanity Max: 30 on May 8.  The second month felt harder this time around.  Like WAY harder.  And I found that I was struggling more with the cardio workouts than with the strength workouts, which had never been the case for me.  I really just felt sort of “off” for this whole second round, and I have to wonder if it’s because I wasn’t following the nutrition plan.  I tried to generally eat “healthy” and keep my protein high and my carbs low, but I was not following the plan really at all.  I think I set out on this second round with the goal of following the nutrition plan, but it just didn’t happen.  My husband has been training for a marathon, and that means that he has to EAT ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME because he’s burning like 2000 calories just during his runs.  So without him following the plan with me (and thus being wedded to the idea of being diligent about planning), I just really lost all will to be a stickler about my food.  So, even though I got down to my lowest weight of 124 something right before we went on spring break in April (after month 1, round 2), I just couldn’t keep it up during the second month.  I drank alcohol; I ate sweets, and I was really ok with that.  I also learned that now that I’ve trained my body to get away from that 135 point, it will happily settle right around 130.  Each week I can usually get down to 128 by Friday morning, and then I’m right back around 130/131 by Monday, and that’s all good to me.  I’d rather be eating pretty well and still enjoying what I’m eating and be sitting around 130 than be miserable and starving sitting at 124–and really, that’s what I had to do to get my body to be at 124!

So, because I wasn’t diligent about my food, I didn’t really see any real changes in my body after the second round on IM:30, and that was sort of disappointing.  BUT, it totally proves my point that I’ve made here a million times–IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW HARD YOU’RE WORKING OUT IF YOU’RE NOT EATING CORRECTLY!  I busted my ass on these workouts for two months!  But I ate crap I wasn’t supposed to, so I didn’t get the results I wanted.  I finished up my first round of Max 30 at 128.6 lbs, and I finished my second round at 128.2 (even though I ended the first month of this round at 124.8) and I didn’t lose ANY inches this second round, and I think I even added back an inch on my abs!  So that really sucks.  And as you can see in these pictures, there was no real visible change either:

results round 3 back results round 2 side results round 2 frontThe picture on the left was taken on Day 60 of my first round of Insanity Max 30, and the picture on the right was taken on Day 60 of my second round.  I basically look the exact same.  But I guess I’m glad I didn’t gain weight, when you consider that in between those two pictures I took a trip to New Orleans and a trip to Destin, where I ate and drank a ton.

But I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed by the lack of results.  I guess I thought that these workouts were so damn hard that there was no way that I wouldn’t continue to tone and lose weight even if I wasn’t paying much attention to my food.  But DUH, totally not the case.  I know, I know, you can’t outrun a bad diet.  Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym, blah blah blah.  Maybe someday that will sink into my thick skull!

So, I finished up Round 2 on May 8.  My 35th birthday was on Mother’s Day…May 10.  And that same day, I hopped on a cruise ship with 3 ladies I work with, and we went on a 5 night cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman.  It was my first cruise, and, despite being skeptical of cruises in general, I really had a great time!  But, I also ate and drank A TON.  I mean, how can I not when there was late night buffets and 24 hours a day soft serve ice cream cones?!  And, while our ship had a really awesome looking gym, I never visited it!  But, I did go out to the top deck and run on our very last sea day.  It was SO hard to run up there because it was incredibly windy.  As you can see from how lovely my hair looks in this picture.

shiprunSo, since I’ve been back from the cruise, I’ve just been sort of winging it in terms of exercise.  I’ve done some Max 30 workouts.  I’ve done T25 Beta upper focus a few times, and I’ve even busted out old school Insanity Pure Cardio.  I’m not really following a plan right now, but I am trying to stay active and not eat *too* much.  I want to keep my weight right around 130 while I’m deciding what I want to do next.  My husband’s marathon is this Sunday, so that means he’ll finally stop eating nonstop when that’s over, and maybe we can get back to some more healthy eating habits.  I know he wants to run another marathon in the fall, and I think he’d like to do another full round of Insanity Max: 30 before starting his training for that, because it really gets him in great shape before doing all that running.  So I guess we’ll see what happens.  I’ll try to remember to post somewhat regularly here, even if it’s not fitness related!


Well…I tried.

Alright everyone, I’m back from vacation and ready to get back on track!  If you’ve been following along, you know that I set three goals for myself before vacation:

-Get at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday.

-Track my food.

-Try to watch what I eat enough so that I’m not too far over 130 when I get back home.

So how did I do?  The honest answer is that I didn’t do such a great job with these goals.  The exercise goal I met with no problem.  I did Insanity Max: 30 workouts Monday-Friday (including an extra 10 minutes with Ab Attack on M, W, F) and on the other days, I made sure to bike/swim for at least 30 minutes.  Plus, we had a few long bike rides on Max 30 days.  We rode a total of 12 miles on Tuesday and several other rides of 3-5 miles throughout the week.  So I’m proud of myself for that.


But I basically failed at the other two goals.  I didn’t track my food a single day that we were gone.  I have no excuses for why I didn’t do it, I just didn’t.  I also ate and drank a TON.  I ate a lot of fried seafood, burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc.  I drank alcohol every day–usually one or two frozen daiquiris or mixed drinks while we were out at night, and then I’d come back to the house and have a glass or two of wine.  Obviously I NEVER drink like that at home.


This was me being shocked that this big ass drink was only like $6.

In addition to the alcohol, I also had some sort of sweet treat everyday–ice cream, sno balls, lava cakes, whatever.  Hell, we even baked cookies at our vacation house at night.  Side note–these were on sale at the local Publix and they were basically THE BEST COOKIES EVER:
cookiesSo, needless to say, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was not happy with what I saw.  I was up to 132.6–so that’s a gain of 7.8 freaking pounds from where I was when we left for vacation!  I’d hate to see what I would have gained if I hadn’t worked out everyday!  I think that has to be some sort of record for vacation weight gain.  Of course my husband ate and drank twice as much as me, and only worked out three days, and yet he only gained 4 pounds, and had already lost that by the time he weighed in this morning.  I’m trying to not be too down on myself, but it’s hard.  I think I just went overboard because it had been a really long three months of following the nutrition plan and I had been so stressed at work for the past month that I just wanted to eat and drink everything in my path.  So now I’m hoping I got that all out of my system for awhile, so I’m back at it.  I got up this morning and started month 2 of Insanity Max:30 with Max Cardio (and I did Ab Attack).  We planned out healthy meals and snacks for the week, and obviously I won’t be eating any molten fudge cookies or drinking any daiquiris this week, so I’m hoping the weight comes off relatively quickly, because I actually have another vacation (girls’ trip cruise with friends) in less than 30 days, so I have to get back in shape!  So stay tuned as I go through all of this again!




‘Tis the Season for Vacations, Indulgences and Bathing Suits

Hey friends,

While A is on her vacation this week, I’m back from mine! I got back mid-week last week and while we had a great time, I’m still not ready to be back to reality. Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation from a vacation?

I know I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to travel and let loose. And let loose I did! We were able to play on the beach and even made it to Universal in Orlando for a day of thrill rides and to get our Harry Potter World fix. It was great to get away but coming home is always such a drag. Sigh.

The hubs and I getting a nice dose of Vitamin D



I did my best to keep my food under control. I definitely had a few margaritas and brewskis because, duh, I’m on vacation! I tried to order as much fresh fish as I could but did indulge in some fries from time to time. On our last night, we went to this steak house and I had 2 margaritas, an appetizer, bread, and a salad. Then I ordered a filet that was so delicious, I nearly made love with it.  Are you face palming yourself thinking of my disastrous night of eating?  Don’t!  My motto is: Always indulge whilst on vaca! I applaud those of you that stay on a strict diet while on vacation, but I personally choose to have a few days to just enjoy life, you know? I know what I need and I need margaritas and a freaking steak every once in a while. On a beach.


“How can I stay on track with my exercise and eating when ‘life’ happens?” you may ask yourself.  I believe the answer is two-fold.  I believe it’s planning and willpower.  Last week, A wrote a great post about planning.  Take a minute to read that if you haven’t already.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  I notice that I start to slip on my food when I don’t plan out my week.   It’s so easy to just order a pizza or make an unhealthy frozen meal when you need a quick meal.  It’s all about being proactive in organizing your life and time!  I think if you plan accordingly, then your willpower isn’t tested as much and you can implement better self control.  Makes sense, right?  Ever notice how successful people are proactive?  They know what it takes to get things done because they are proactive in their actions and their goals.  If your goal is to get into a certain bathing suit, or be able to do ‘x’ amount of push-ups or eat a certain way, then write that down!   Keeping track of your progress and goals is huge in keeping your willpower strong.  Buy a notebook or log your food with an online program.  There are tons of free apps you can use to track progress.  Take progress pics so you can see your results.   Also, try not to procrastinate on your workout.  I’m very guilty of this myself. I don’t have a set time when I do my workout.  I need to be better about this!  And of course, reward yourself every once in awhile. If your reward is food–great.  Maybe it’s new shoes or a massage.  Come up with a reward and give it to yourself.  You’ve earned it!  So how can you stay on track and have strong willpower?

1). Plan and Organize

2). Be proactive

3). Keep track of progress

4). Don’t procrastinate

5). Reward yourself

Vacation workouts

I managed to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise nearly every day. I took Max:30 with me, but I never did any Max workouts and ended up running most days with my friend that we vacationed with. The two of us busted out some Max moves on the beach–we did jumping lunge punches, burpee lunges, ab attack, and 10 & 2’s. Dang, Burpees are SO much harder in sand! I’m also going to count the hours of riding and jumping the ocean waves with my son as a workout. That kid is a fish and wouldn’t get out of the water, EVER.

So because I didn’t technically do week 4 of Max, I’m starting it over again this week.  This works out best because when A gets back from her vacation, we can start month 2 again together and b!tch about how hard that ish is.

I also noticed I had much better endurance while in Florida. I ran 4 miles without stopping and I was running just under a 9 minute mile, which is fast for me. I honestly think that can be attributed to two things: no allergies and warm sun. Dudes, when I got back to Indiana, my allergies kicked in and I have NO energy and I can’t breathe! I restarted week 4 of Max (first month) and it’s just as hard as the first week for me.  I struggle to even push play.  Annoying.


So how am I doing?  I have a few successes I’d like to share.  I haven’t weighed myself since we finished the first round because it’s not good for me mentally.  I really struggle with whatever my number is which is really dumb, I know.  I measure my success on how my clothes fit and with my measuring tape.  My measurements haven’t changed since my last measurement, which was when we finished week 8 four weeks ago.  I’ll consider that success#1 after a vacation!  I do feel more confident in my body and wasn’t *too* afraid to wear a bathing suit. Success #2! My husband still is attracted to me, which makes me more confident.  Score.  Success #3!  I’m extending my max out times. (I’ll post those later.) Success #4.  I’m actually getting muscle definition.  Success #5.  This is my arm flexed in the restaurant on our last night.  I flexed when I finished all my steak and my husband told me to do it again so he could take a pic of my arm.  :-O


Thanks Max:30 and Shaun T for getting me some muscle!  My arms are always the first thing to get definition, so hopefully the rest of my body follows suit.


Also, thanks Shaun T, for helping me get some serious ups from all the plyo work.  😉

Pura Vida!

Vacation Plans.

Why is it that the week before a vacation always DRAGS on?  I swear this week has been never ending.  And it doesn’t help that work has been absolutely ridonkulous for basically the whole past month, so I just feel like I’ve been running myself ragged since the beginning of March.


And all this week, I’ve had to be up SUPER early for various work events or other random things, so I’ve hardly gotten any sleep.  I slept like shit last night, and the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, so yeah, it’s going to be a long day.  The alarm was set that early because my husband was supposed to get up and run 17 miles.  Well, Louisville got hammered with storms last night which had flooded the city and forced schools to close…so yeah, he wasn’t going to go run in that.  I really wanted to stay in bed with him, but instead, I got up and did Friday Fight and Ab Attack.  Yes, at 4:30 a.m.  When I started the workout, I fully expected to just totally suck, but I had my best max out time yet–17:37!  It’s the first time I’ve made it past the break in a Friday Fight workout.  So I was pretty stoked about that (even though my ass is absolutely draggin’ now)

I’ve mentioned a few times on here that we are going on spring break next week, and that I wanted to at least be at the weight where I ended my last round of Insanity, which was 128.6 lbs.  I’ve been really focusing on my diet this week and trying to kill it with my workouts.  Well, I had some major scale weirdness this morning.  When I got on the scale first thing, it said that I weighed 122.6.  I about had a heart attack, because that would mean that I’d lost like 4 lbs since yesterday.  I told my husband to come in and take a picture of it, but I had to step off the scale first because it had timed out.  When I got back on the scale for him to take the picture, it said 123.5…uh, WTF?  How did I gain almost a pound in literally like 30 seconds?!  So my husband got on the scale, and it was what he thought it should be for him.  So then I thought I’d check it again, and it was 125 something…BIZARRO WORLD SCALE.  Again, my husband got on and it showed the same weight for him. But somehow I had gained 3 lbs in less than 2 minutes?!  So I have no idea what in the hell was going on with the scale this morning, but I’m guessing the 125 number was closest to being correct because it was about 1/2 lb less than yesterday.  So after weighing in, I busted out Friday Fight and Ab Attack and then came back up to weigh myself post-workout to get the best number and I got….

weightday90So that means that I am down 3.8 lbs from where I ended my first round of Insanity Max:30, and down about 15.2 lbs overall since starting the program in January.  So I feel pretty good about heading into vacation with that number.  So what are my goals WHILE on vacation?  Well…I’m supposed to be starting month 2 of IM:30 next week, but I’m sorry, Shaun T, I love ya, but that shit is WAY too hard to try to be starting while I’m on vacation.  So, my goal is to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day we’re gone…preferably IM:30 workouts, but if not, biking, walking, etc.  If I do IM:30, I will likely just be doing a hodgepodge of random workouts from month 1, because, like I said, the idea of tackling month 2 right now sounds terrible.  I’d also try to continue to track my food.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be following the nutrition plan, it just means that I want to actually keep track of what I’m eating even though it’s going to be junk.  I find that I tend to make better choices when I do that.  And finally, I know I’m going to gain weight next week, and I’m ok with that.  I really hope that I’m not too far over 130 when we get back home, so that is my weight goal.  So, guys, I’m gonna peace out of here and I’ll see y’all in about a week and a half!



Where did I go? Update on K’s journey

Hey all-

I need to apologize for essentially falling off the face of the earth 3 weeks ago.  I’m still here!  Luckily, A has been diligent about keeping you all updated while I was just meandering around La-La land, one of my favorite places to visit.  That’s actually Cloud Cuckoo Land, for you Lego Movie fans.  This is my La-La Land…


So, here’s what I’ve been up to.  I managed to break my pinky finger the day we finished Max:30!  I was playing soccer with my kid and some other people, and collided with a guy.  My fingers clipped his shoulder and I figured I’d sprained it. A few days later I went to get x-rays when it wouldn’t stop hurting.  Sure enough, I broke both knuckles and they put me in a cast for two weeks.  I’ve never had a cast in my life, so it was weird and cumbersome for the first few days.  I was pretty bummed out and quickly hated it.  I was SO glad that I was able to finish Max:30 when I did!

Check out my cute pink cast and fake smile:


I decided to start Max:30 over again when A came back from New Orleans.  Like I’ve said before, I really like this program and knew that I could get even better results if I stayed with it.  This isn’t just a 60 day program for me.  This is something that I want to continue on with because I realize I just feel so much better when I’m taking care of my body.  I’ve read somewhere that you’ll really notice the most change in your body between 60-90 days, so we shall see.

The first week after I broke my hand I basically pouted for 2 days and didn’t do any form of exercise.  Then I realized how bad I felt mentally, and decided to do something.  I ended up doing the Sweat Fest DVD a few times, which is a bonus workout with Max:30.  I knew I’d have to modify a few moves that required floor work with my hand.  I also did a stair workout a few times.  That week was interesting for me, as I was trying to figure out how to work with the cast and still get a good workout.  And prepping food was a b*tch to do with a cast!  Once I finally got the hang of it, it wasn’t too bad.  And to no surprise to me, I instantly felt better.  When A returned, we both officially started Max over and I was able to do the workouts with some modifications.  Whenever we had some sort of move like burpees, in and out abs, or push-ups; I would do Iron Legs (I must hate myself) or lunge punches, or one-armed burpees, for example.  I really wish I would’ve gotten video of me attempting this in a cast but I didn’t.  Drat.

My cast came off earlier this week and I’ve had to keep it wrapped up.  Luckily, I was able to do Max again without many modifications.  I just finished up week and I thought I’d be able to sail through it coming off month 2.  Boy, was I wrong!  I forgot how good the workouts are in Month 1!  I suck and haven’t been good about keeping track of my max times, but I will do a better job of keeping track of that.  I feel like week 2 was very difficult for me to get through.  My allergies have kicked my butt this week and I really struggled with breathing and having energy to make it through the workouts.  I found myself taking a lot of breaks, so my max times would’ve been all over the place this week.  I started on my allergy meds again so hopefully I’m back to normal soon.

I want to talk about shakes for a minute.  Since neither A or I are BeachBody coaches, I feel like I can be authentic with you all and give you my opinion without sounding biased.  I’ve tried Shakeology and drank it for probably 5-6 months.  I liked it alright and I think it’s a great shake, but damn, that stuff is expensive! I didn’t personally notice a big enough difference in the way I felt for the monthly cost.  Basically, you can get it “free” if you get 3 people to sign up to get it monthly.  Well, if you have no desire to sell it, like I did, or pay 120 bucks a month for it, listen up.  I have an alternative for you.  I really like Garden of Life’s RAW Protein powder.  It’s vegan, and gluten, dairy, and soy free.  There isn’t a huge ingredient list either.  It’s straight up plant proteins with none of the garbage you find in other shakes.  It’s the best natural powder I’ve found that’s comparable to Shakeology and it’s only $30.  It has 17 grams of protein and only 90 calories.  I love this shake for breakfast and I usually mix it with either coconut milk, soy milk or water.   So there you go.  Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about.


As far as my food, I’ve basically stayed on track by following 90/10.   I feel like I haven’t eaten as much which is weird.  I’ve been stressed out and have had no desire to make meals.  My husband has been slammed at work and when he isn’t home to eat dinner with us, I usually make my son something to eat and I’ll drink a shake or eat something small.  I’m not one to make something complicated just for me.  I feel like it’s a waste to use up my good, healthy food if we can’t all enjoy it!  We also leave on tomorrow for vacation, so I don’t want to buy up a bunch of food that’s going to spoil.  That means we are eating out more leading up to vacation.  I try to make good choices when we eat out.  I try to stay away from all the bad carbs…my favorite!

I like that A and I are doing Max:30 again together, because we can support each other and help each other stay on track.   What’s all those abbreviation things you’d write to your friends in notebooks back in the day?  You know, “LYLAS’, ‘BFF,’ NKOTB4eva and ‘BMFP4eva’ <–“Be My Fitness Partner 4eva.”   I just made up that last one…you like?   Yes, we are ancient dinosaurs that didn’t have cellphones during our school days, we are old timey friends that wrote in Lisa Frank notebooks and folded notes! DON’T JUDGE.  We were awesome and rad!


I mean, look at that awesomeness.  It’s like Disney World on crack barfed up a rainbow all over childrens’ paper products.  It’s gorgeous.

I really promise you that having friends do this with you makes a HUGE difference in your journey!  If you don’t have a friend to do it with you, I encourage you to look for workout accountability groups to join online.  Every bit of encouragement you can get really helps.

I am bringing Max:30 with me on vacation with the intent on doing it everyday.  I make no promises that it will actually happen.  😉  I’m looking forward to some warm sun, the ocean, and eating some seafood.

I’ll keep you all updated much more frequently in the coming weeks!





Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So, I checked in last week with my Insanity Max: 30 results and then I sort of went off the grid. Tuesday night, I flew to New Orleans for a work conference. I was there from Tuesday-Sunday, so it was a LONG time to be out of my comfort zone. I did get up and *attempt* to do some Insanity Max 30 workouts each morning. I say *attempt* because the first morning, I couldn’t get it to load on my computer properly. I got halfway through the workout and then it just froze and wouldn’t go any further, no matter how long I waited. So on Wednesday morning I ended up doing half of Sweat Intervals and all of Ab Attack. I whined to my husband enough on Wednesday night that he messed around with the formatting of the videos and re-sent them to me several times until I finally could get them to play. So then I got up on Thursday and did all of Sweat Intervals and Ab Attack again. I did slack off the rest of the trip and didn’t do any more formal workouts, but I did walk an average of 5 miles each day that I was there.
But man, did I eat! Again, the first two days were fine. I didn’t eat much at all because I was on my own, and when I’m on my own, I tend to just grab something quick (and healthy for the most part). But then one of my best friends flew down on Thursday night to spend the rest of the weekend with me and I sort of went off the rails with respect to my diet. We ate so much AWESOME food. But it’s New Orleans, you have to do that, right? I’ll give you a little run down of our culinary tour of the city, in case you’re planning on visiting the city and want some food ideas.
Thursday night–we went to a French Quarter staple, Arnaud’s, for dinner.  We sat in the “jazz” area, so there was this cute little jazz trio of super old men playing while we ate.
Friday–first breakfast at Cafe Du Monde, second breakfast (it’s totally a thing) at Wink’s Buttermilk Drops, Lunch at Johnny’s Po Boys, and dinner at Dat Dog.  After dinner, we hit up the Famous Door on Bourbon Street where there was an AWESOME cover band playing and we managed to sing and dance ourselves silly.
Saturday–breakfast at Surrey’s Juice Bar and Cafe.  You guys.  Book a flight and go there RIGHT NOW.  My friend and I both ordered the bananas foster french toast, and I am not even exaggerating when I tell you it was life changing.


That french toast is perfectly cooked, and somehow inside of each piece of bread, they stick delicious chunks of banana.  I don’t even know how they get it in there, because it’s seamless.  And then there’s a bananas foster sauce on the top.  Dear lord.  So delicious.  I also got a side of chorizo which was awesome as well.  This meal kept us full for the whole morning so that we weren’t hungry for lunch.  But that didn’t mean that we weren’t hungry for treats.  We hit up Sucre for some gelato.  Everything in this place looked amazing.  I wish I had bought some chocolates or other treats to bring home (who am I kidding, we know they wouldn’t have made it home).  And for dinner that night, we had reservations at a place called Cochon.  This is another must-eat while in New Orleans.  I think the area that it’s in is called the Central Business District.  The menu is made up of mainly small plates, so my friend and I shared like 6 or 7 different things.

So if you’re looking for a getaway that will have some good eats, definitely hit up New Orleans and these places on my list!

So, after all of that eating, you’d probably think that I gained a ton of weight while I was gone.  And honestly, I expected the same thing.  I fully expected to be up about 10lbs when I got home on Sunday, but I wasn’t!  I didn’t weigh in on Sunday (mainly because I was so exhausted from losing an hour and then the early flight!) but when I weighed in on Monday morning, I was at the same weight that I had been on the previous Monday.  So up about 5lbs from my final Max 30 weigh-in, but no extra weight gained in a week.  I was really pleased with that.

My husband and I decided that we’re going to re-start Max: 30 and do it until we go on spring break  on April 4 (23 days away!)  I think we’re going to be less strict with the diet, but still follow it pretty closely–particularly the high protein, low carb aspect of it.  And we didn’t re-take any new measurements or anything, but I suppose we can always compare to our day 60 results.  I would just love to end up at below 130 again when we leave for spring break, so that’s my goal.  When we get back from vacation, I’ll honestly probably start the whole thing again.  I’m debating buying 21 day fix extreme to have that to do WITH Insanity Max 30 (for an hour workout each day), but that may be a bit too ambitious 🙂

Ok, that was a pretty random update.  I promise I’ll give more of my thoughts on the Max 30 program soon as well as my husband’s results!