Results from my third round of Insanity Max: 30!

So apparently I haven’t done an update post since the mid-way point of this round of IM:30, and now I’m about to do my end results post.  Whoops!  I don’t know where that month went.  I guess I lost it in a blur of workouts and protein shakes.  Anyway, here are my stats and pics:

Weight: Day 1-132; Day 60-126.2
Stomach: Day 1-33.5″; Day 60-33″
Waist: Day 1-29″; Day 60-27.5″
Hips: Day 1-38″; Day 60-36.5″
Chest (over boobs, no bra): Day 1-35.5″; Day 60-33.5″
Chest (under boobs): Day 1-29.75″; Day 60-29″
Triceps (flexed arm straight): Day 1-11″; Day 60-11″
Calves: Day 1-14.5″; Day 60-14.25″

So, that’s a total of 5.8 lbs and 6.5″ lost.


back60backflex60frontflex60And just as I said back in July when I posted my 30 day results, I don’t really *SEE* a big difference between these two pictures.  I look pretty much the same, at least to me.  BUT, let me tell you about the difference in how I FEEL.  I don’t know what it is, but something really *clicked* during this round of IM:30 for me.  Now, during the first round of IM:30, we followed the Nutrition Guide pretty closely.  While we allowed ourselves a few cheat meals, for the most part, we followed the book for the whole 60 days.  And honestly, I was pretty miserable.  I know I wrote about it here, but I was hungry most of the time, because the 1200-1500 calories per day that were allowed under the guide (and even though the IM:30 guide doesn’t spell out the number of calories, it’s the exact same plan as 21 Day fix or the other BB programs which do) just weren’t enough when we were doing such hard workouts.  Plus, I was just generally pissed off and in a bad mood.  A lot of that was probably due to the general detox that my body was going through since I started this plan right after being totally decadent throughout most of December.

But I also just felt like I was in prison. I know I said that before, but the lack of flexibility and choices just REALLY brought me down and I was not happy about it.  And yes, I know that there are technically an infinite number of choices to eat while on the IM:30 food plan, but having to follow the 4 protein, 3 veggie, 2 fruit, etc. just really sucked for me.  I know that lots of people really love this plan because of how easy it is, but the rigidity of it just wasn’t for me.  Plus, I knew that there was no chance in hell that I was continue to eat high protein/low carb forever, so I knew it wasn’t something that could work for me long-term.  Which is why this time around we decided to sort of wing it with our food.  We set our rules in place that I wrote about here (eating out only once a week, one lunch out, try to keep protein up, etc.) but for our meals during the week, we didn’t really follow any specific sort of “plan”.  Since my husband is vegetarian, I would say that we probably tended to eat more vegetarian meals, but not always (well, he always ate vegetarian, but sometimes he’d just grill up a chicken breast for me to add or something like that).  He does focus on meals that use whole food ingredients, and he always buys organic when it’s an option. So I guess we were doing a variation on traditional clean eating because we were avoiding processed foods and just really eating stuff that sounded good to us.  We definitely ate more carbs than would have been allowed on the IM:30 plan, but with my husband marathon training, he HAD to keep his carb intake up, and you know I’m not going to pass up on carbs…they just help me feel better while doing these workouts!  We also allowed ourselves more “treats”–we made a lot of homemade popsicles, we also bought a bunch of these Luna brand popsicles that are SO good.  The cookies and cream and the salted caramel are awesome.  And when we went out to eat, we ate whatever the hell we wanted.  Appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks.  Whatever.  Now, granted, we weren’t going out to eat mozzarella sticks at Applebees and TGIFridays.  We were always picking local restaurants that focus on local, fresh ingredients, so even the choices that felt over the top were still “better” than choices we might have made elsewhere.  What I’m trying to say is that I felt really good about what we ate for the past two months.  I feel like we made smart decisions but didn’t deprive ourselves.  I didn’t feel like I was starving.  I wasn’t angry about not getting to eat good food.  I wasn’t bored with my food.  So I think we might have found something that actually works pretty well for us.

In addition to the food revelation, I also had some body revelations during these two months.  I decided that I was actually pretty damn happy with how I looked.  Could I be thinner?  Of course.  Could I have more muscle definition?  Of course.  But I’m really feeling good about where I am at right now.  My clothes fit me better than they have in forever…in fact, today I am wearing a suit that I bought when I was in law school in early 2005.  And it fits great! I’m not squeezed into it like a sausage casing! And you know what?  I’m actually about 10-15 pounds heavier than I was when I bought this suit, but that’s just proof that weight doesn’t mean a damn thing!  Because I was not fit at all back then.  I probably would have actually died if I had tried to do an IM:30 workout then.  Seriously.  I was getting ready to head out somewhere this weekend, and I had on a jersey maxi dress–you know, the ones that cling to every single imperfection.  But I felt GOOD.  And I told my husband, “You know, I don’t want people to look at me and think ‘oh, she’s too skinny, she needs to eat a cheeseburger,’ I want people to look at me and think, ‘I bet she works out…'”  I don’t really know what caused that shift in my thinking, but I like it.  I want to keep it up and keep kicking ass, but I’m not entirely sure what’s next for me in terms of fitness goals.  But, I know that I will keep y’all posted!



Insanity Max: 30–Round 3, Month 1 results.

Ok, peeps.  I am now almost done with my first week of the second month of IM:30 for the third time now.  I can’t believe I’ve been through this program two full times before AND THE WORKOUTS ARE STILL SO DAMN HARD.  And somehow I always seem to forget exactly hard the “Max” workouts are in the second month, and then I start this week and I’m sore all over again.

Anyway, here are my stats from the first month (and when i refer to “Day 1″, I mean Day 1 of this round of doing IM:30, not Day 1 of when I first started the program back in January):
Weight: Day 1-132; Day 30-126.8*
Stomach: Day 1-33.5″; Day 30-33
Waist: Day 1-29″; Day 30-27.75″
Hips: Day 1-38″; Day 30-37.75″
Chest (over boobs): Day 1-35.5″; Day 30-35″
Chest (under boobs): Day 1-29.75″; Day 30-29.25″
Triceps (flexed arm straight): Day 1-11″; Day 30-11″
Calves: Day 1-14.5″; Day 30-14.25”

*So, my weight obviously went down a fair amount this first month, but in the interest of full disclosure, it was right back up to 130 by Monday morning, despite eating pretty well this weekend (our one meal out was tacos from Taco Luchador on Saturday).  There’s something about my body that automatically gains weight on the weekends and it’s SO frustrating.

Here are my “progress” pics for the first month.  Progress is in quotes because I really don’t see a change at all this time.

round3month1backflex round3month1frontflex round3month1side Round3month1front



I find it hard to believe that this is as good as my body gets, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be changing much at all anymore.  I’m not really sure what more I can do at this point that wouldn’t involve a million hours in the gym, which I just simply don’t have.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at after the first month.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

Friday Flex Break.

So I wanted to post an updated flex break pic to see if I’ve made any progress.  And you know, this is one of those things that drives me nuts because I feel like when I am standing there flexing in front of the mirror (don’t even act like you don’t do this when no one is watching), I can see muscle definition, but then whenever I take the picture, I don’t see anything.  So, here it is, so you all can decide if I’ve made any progress:


I feel like my little 2 pack above my mama tummy is a bit more defined now, but my arm still looks the same…at least in the picture.  I swear there’s a difference in real life!  Anyway, everyone should take a second for a flex break today to check your progress!  Happy Friday, y’all!

‘Tis the Season for Vacations, Indulgences and Bathing Suits

Hey friends,

While A is on her vacation this week, I’m back from mine! I got back mid-week last week and while we had a great time, I’m still not ready to be back to reality. Does anyone else feel like they need a vacation from a vacation?

I know I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to travel and let loose. And let loose I did! We were able to play on the beach and even made it to Universal in Orlando for a day of thrill rides and to get our Harry Potter World fix. It was great to get away but coming home is always such a drag. Sigh.

The hubs and I getting a nice dose of Vitamin D



I did my best to keep my food under control. I definitely had a few margaritas and brewskis because, duh, I’m on vacation! I tried to order as much fresh fish as I could but did indulge in some fries from time to time. On our last night, we went to this steak house and I had 2 margaritas, an appetizer, bread, and a salad. Then I ordered a filet that was so delicious, I nearly made love with it.  Are you face palming yourself thinking of my disastrous night of eating?  Don’t!  My motto is: Always indulge whilst on vaca! I applaud those of you that stay on a strict diet while on vacation, but I personally choose to have a few days to just enjoy life, you know? I know what I need and I need margaritas and a freaking steak every once in a while. On a beach.


“How can I stay on track with my exercise and eating when ‘life’ happens?” you may ask yourself.  I believe the answer is two-fold.  I believe it’s planning and willpower.  Last week, A wrote a great post about planning.  Take a minute to read that if you haven’t already.  I couldn’t agree with her more.  I notice that I start to slip on my food when I don’t plan out my week.   It’s so easy to just order a pizza or make an unhealthy frozen meal when you need a quick meal.  It’s all about being proactive in organizing your life and time!  I think if you plan accordingly, then your willpower isn’t tested as much and you can implement better self control.  Makes sense, right?  Ever notice how successful people are proactive?  They know what it takes to get things done because they are proactive in their actions and their goals.  If your goal is to get into a certain bathing suit, or be able to do ‘x’ amount of push-ups or eat a certain way, then write that down!   Keeping track of your progress and goals is huge in keeping your willpower strong.  Buy a notebook or log your food with an online program.  There are tons of free apps you can use to track progress.  Take progress pics so you can see your results.   Also, try not to procrastinate on your workout.  I’m very guilty of this myself. I don’t have a set time when I do my workout.  I need to be better about this!  And of course, reward yourself every once in awhile. If your reward is food–great.  Maybe it’s new shoes or a massage.  Come up with a reward and give it to yourself.  You’ve earned it!  So how can you stay on track and have strong willpower?

1). Plan and Organize

2). Be proactive

3). Keep track of progress

4). Don’t procrastinate

5). Reward yourself

Vacation workouts

I managed to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise nearly every day. I took Max:30 with me, but I never did any Max workouts and ended up running most days with my friend that we vacationed with. The two of us busted out some Max moves on the beach–we did jumping lunge punches, burpee lunges, ab attack, and 10 & 2’s. Dang, Burpees are SO much harder in sand! I’m also going to count the hours of riding and jumping the ocean waves with my son as a workout. That kid is a fish and wouldn’t get out of the water, EVER.

So because I didn’t technically do week 4 of Max, I’m starting it over again this week.  This works out best because when A gets back from her vacation, we can start month 2 again together and b!tch about how hard that ish is.

I also noticed I had much better endurance while in Florida. I ran 4 miles without stopping and I was running just under a 9 minute mile, which is fast for me. I honestly think that can be attributed to two things: no allergies and warm sun. Dudes, when I got back to Indiana, my allergies kicked in and I have NO energy and I can’t breathe! I restarted week 4 of Max (first month) and it’s just as hard as the first week for me.  I struggle to even push play.  Annoying.


So how am I doing?  I have a few successes I’d like to share.  I haven’t weighed myself since we finished the first round because it’s not good for me mentally.  I really struggle with whatever my number is which is really dumb, I know.  I measure my success on how my clothes fit and with my measuring tape.  My measurements haven’t changed since my last measurement, which was when we finished week 8 four weeks ago.  I’ll consider that success#1 after a vacation!  I do feel more confident in my body and wasn’t *too* afraid to wear a bathing suit. Success #2! My husband still is attracted to me, which makes me more confident.  Score.  Success #3!  I’m extending my max out times. (I’ll post those later.) Success #4.  I’m actually getting muscle definition.  Success #5.  This is my arm flexed in the restaurant on our last night.  I flexed when I finished all my steak and my husband told me to do it again so he could take a pic of my arm.  :-O


Thanks Max:30 and Shaun T for getting me some muscle!  My arms are always the first thing to get definition, so hopefully the rest of my body follows suit.


Also, thanks Shaun T, for helping me get some serious ups from all the plyo work.  😉

Pura Vida!

Vacation Plans.

Why is it that the week before a vacation always DRAGS on?  I swear this week has been never ending.  And it doesn’t help that work has been absolutely ridonkulous for basically the whole past month, so I just feel like I’ve been running myself ragged since the beginning of March.


And all this week, I’ve had to be up SUPER early for various work events or other random things, so I’ve hardly gotten any sleep.  I slept like shit last night, and the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, so yeah, it’s going to be a long day.  The alarm was set that early because my husband was supposed to get up and run 17 miles.  Well, Louisville got hammered with storms last night which had flooded the city and forced schools to close…so yeah, he wasn’t going to go run in that.  I really wanted to stay in bed with him, but instead, I got up and did Friday Fight and Ab Attack.  Yes, at 4:30 a.m.  When I started the workout, I fully expected to just totally suck, but I had my best max out time yet–17:37!  It’s the first time I’ve made it past the break in a Friday Fight workout.  So I was pretty stoked about that (even though my ass is absolutely draggin’ now)

I’ve mentioned a few times on here that we are going on spring break next week, and that I wanted to at least be at the weight where I ended my last round of Insanity, which was 128.6 lbs.  I’ve been really focusing on my diet this week and trying to kill it with my workouts.  Well, I had some major scale weirdness this morning.  When I got on the scale first thing, it said that I weighed 122.6.  I about had a heart attack, because that would mean that I’d lost like 4 lbs since yesterday.  I told my husband to come in and take a picture of it, but I had to step off the scale first because it had timed out.  When I got back on the scale for him to take the picture, it said 123.5…uh, WTF?  How did I gain almost a pound in literally like 30 seconds?!  So my husband got on the scale, and it was what he thought it should be for him.  So then I thought I’d check it again, and it was 125 something…BIZARRO WORLD SCALE.  Again, my husband got on and it showed the same weight for him. But somehow I had gained 3 lbs in less than 2 minutes?!  So I have no idea what in the hell was going on with the scale this morning, but I’m guessing the 125 number was closest to being correct because it was about 1/2 lb less than yesterday.  So after weighing in, I busted out Friday Fight and Ab Attack and then came back up to weigh myself post-workout to get the best number and I got….

weightday90So that means that I am down 3.8 lbs from where I ended my first round of Insanity Max:30, and down about 15.2 lbs overall since starting the program in January.  So I feel pretty good about heading into vacation with that number.  So what are my goals WHILE on vacation?  Well…I’m supposed to be starting month 2 of IM:30 next week, but I’m sorry, Shaun T, I love ya, but that shit is WAY too hard to try to be starting while I’m on vacation.  So, my goal is to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day we’re gone…preferably IM:30 workouts, but if not, biking, walking, etc.  If I do IM:30, I will likely just be doing a hodgepodge of random workouts from month 1, because, like I said, the idea of tackling month 2 right now sounds terrible.  I’d also try to continue to track my food.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be following the nutrition plan, it just means that I want to actually keep track of what I’m eating even though it’s going to be junk.  I find that I tend to make better choices when I do that.  And finally, I know I’m going to gain weight next week, and I’m ok with that.  I really hope that I’m not too far over 130 when we get back home, so that is my weight goal.  So, guys, I’m gonna peace out of here and I’ll see y’all in about a week and a half!



More Thoughts on Insanity Max: 30

Even though I’m still crazy busy at work (seriously, the next three weeks are going to be hell…but then I get a week off for spring break!  Woohoo!), I wanted to take the time to give some more in-depth thoughts about Insanity Max:30.

First off, I have to say that I loved this program.  It is definitely my favorite Beach Body program that I’ve done–out of P90x, Insanity, and T25.  I love that the workouts are only 30 minutes each day, because honestly, that’s all the time I have most days.  I also love that these workouts were hard as hell.  This wasn’t some leisurely stroll through a 30 minute workout, or, as Shaun T would say, “This ain’t hopscotch, homegirl.”  Shaun T makes you work your ass off for those 30 minutes!  I also loved that two of the workouts each week (three if you count Pulse) were not totally cardio-focused.  Even though we weren’t lifting weights, the “strength” and the “power” workouts definitely worked on the large muscle groups of the body, and I am pretty sure I did more push-ups (and weirdo variations of push-ups) during the 8 weeks of Max 30 than I ever did in my whole life.  I totally have a teeny tiny baby bicep for the first time ever.


I also really like that even though the workouts may get “easier”…they never seem to get “easy”.  I’ve done Ab Attack at least 25 times now, and that thing still kills me!  Yes, I’m working WAY harder than I was the first few times I did it, but because I control my own intensity, I can always push myself enough to get an awesome workout.  I love how we’re just competing with ourselves through the whole program.  Even if I only pushed myself ONE SECOND further, I still felt like I was succeeding.  And those increased max out times definitely helped when the scale wasn’t necessarily budging.  And damn, the second month of Max: 30 was so hard that my max out times hardly changed at all:

Max Out Cardio–from 6:45 to 11:05
Max Out Power–from 8:40 to 12:04
Max Out Sweat–from 8:48 to 14:02
Max Out Strength–from 5:45 to 12:21
Friday Fight Round 2–from 5:38 to 12:33 (seriously HARDEST WORKOUT EVER).

So I would definitely give the workouts two snaps up.

As for the diet…well…I’m sure you all know how I felt about that from my constant bitching. hateditBut really, I only hated it because I was so incredibly dependent on food when I went into this thing.  Because I relied so heavily on food for my happiness, I felt like absolute shit once I couldn’t eat what I wanted.  I was sad and grumpy and just plain irritable.  I wanted food, dammit!  Things got SO much better once we made it to the three week mark and we started planning specific cheat meals.  It made it so much easier for me to just eat the healthy stuff when I knew that I would get one good meal out each week.  Plus, it really helped me resist treats during the week when I knew something good was coming on the weekend.  This diet also taught me that I physically feel so much better when I eat like this.  Whenever I derail and get into a gluttonous mood, I feel like shit afterward.  It took me like 2 full days to recover from all of the crap I ate in New Orleans.  I don’t miss the constant gas pains and stomach aches that I had before we did this diet plan.  I don’t miss how I would go weeks without pooping!  My system *clearly* prefers to eat high protein/low carb, even if I may not love it.

One thing I did like about the diet plan was that I felt like it wasn’t a weird fad diet.  The “rules” are pretty simple, and I feel like following this for 8 weeks really taught me a healthy way to eat, unlike if I was just cutting out all carbs or doing something like Whole 30.  Obviously you’re going to lose weight on those types of plans because they are SO restrictive. And, I feel like once I got more into a groove in the second month, this was a diet to which my body responded well.  And obviously y’all saw my husband’s results, so it worked well for him too.  That’s why we are still trying to roughly follow the plan now leading up to spring break.  Yes, it was hard, but it’s supposed to be a challenge, right?

And probably the “thing” that helped me get through this the most was the support from K and my husband throughout the whole process.  I had my husband helping plan the meals, do the shopping, cook the food, etc., and it was great that we were both going through this together.  But at times I felt like we both would get a bit snippy with each other because we were just tired of worrying or thinking about food all the damn time.  So it was nice for me to have K to gripe to when I knew that my husband would not want to hear it!  Like she said in her post, we stayed in pretty much constant contact throughout this whole thing and were always supporting each other, laughing together, crying together, etc.


Without her, I’m sure I would have been much more likely to half-ass this thing or maybe even quit halfway through.  But we made it through together! And now we’re just deciding what our next move is going to be, and we’ll definitely be keeping y’all posted.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


Hey everyone!  The time has come to post my results of Max:30!  A posted her awesome results yesterday and I wanted to share mine.

I wanted to start by saying what this program has taught me and what I need to continue doing here on out.  I think this program has taught me a lot about food and my habits.  Whenever I did a workout program in the past, I would eat whatever I wanted, of course within moderation.  I never ate terribly, but I would mindlessly snack every single day.  I’m like my child when he gets home from school and is ravenous.  I would also get the afternoon munchies and usually go for chips and salsa, or chips and hummus, or maybe some more chips.  And maybe some peanut butter and a handful of chips.  You see where  I’m going?  Girlfriend LOVES herself some salty chips!  Don’t worry; I didn’t eat the whole bag at a sitting.  Just a handful here and there.  But that’s where 5 lbs will sneak up on you quickly!

The plan through Max:30 is strict in the sense that you only get a certain allotment of foods, veggies included.  It really teaches you portion control.  That was the hardest part.  I always thought I could eat as many greens as I wanted but that’s not the case here.  Was it easy?  No.  Food habits are SO hard to break.  In fact, it was easier for me to give up my Diet Coke addiction than it was to control my “nasty” food cravings. But it is doable. I’m here to tell you all that it is doable.  I think if you had an accountability partner or loved one to share in your journey, you’ll be even more successful.  That brings me to my next learned lesson.

Get an accountability partner!!!  I’m so thankful for A in my journey, because I talked with her nearly every day about successes and frustrations.  My husband wasn’t able to participate with me in the Max:30 workouts, but he did eat my dinners that I made.  I’m pretty sure he lost a few pounds along the way.  Anyway, having someone that can relate to your journey and support you goes such a long way.  It also helps keep you on track and motivates you.  I knew I could count on her to support me and lift me up whenever I needed it.  I’m pretty sure she’d say the same about me too.  Women just get each other and can be so powerful in their support.  I’m not saying men can’t help, because they do, it’s just that women seem to get on a deeper emotional level when it comes to our health.

So,let’s see what my results are.

Weight Day 1–135.  Then went up to 137. (remember I was gaining weight). Day 60- 134.8 lbs

Chest: Day 1–34″ Day 60–34″

under Chest Day 1–29.5″ (pretty sure mis-measured), Day 60–29.5″

Waist: Day 1–29″, Day 60–27″

Stomach (across belly button) Day 1–33″ Day 60–30″

Hips: Day 1–38.5″, Day 60–36.5″

Thighs: Day 1–22.5″, Day 60–21 3/4″

Triceps: Day 1–11.5″, Day 60–11.5″

Calves: Day 1–14 1/4″, Day 60–14″

Total of about 9 inches lost

But why the frick did I not lose really any weight???  I’m boggled.  How can someone lose 9 inches but not really any weight?  Any physics professors out there want to explain how this is possible?  Yes I’m pretty disappointed in the scale.  But inches lost is inches lost.  I feel stronger and I guess I look leaner, but I don’t feel like I look that much different.  Here are my pics.  What do you think?



FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2 IMG_0811 IMG_0776


I’m going to continue my health journey with clean eating and probably start Max:30 over again.  A side disclaimer, I managed to break my hand last friday night playing a friendly soccer game.  I just got put in a cast yesterday and was told no exercise for 2 weeks.  😦  I’m so glad I was able to finish Max:30, but I’m so sad this happened!  I don’t want to lose my strength or endurance so I’m going to have to stay busy walking or something.  The cast is annoying!

How would I rate Max:30 workouts and would I recommend them to you?  I loved this program and I would absolutely recommend this program.  It’s challenging, and only 30 minutes.  I loved the explosive moves and I saw a huge improvement in my strength and endurance.  Hell, some muscles even started to show themselves! Woohoo!  I think this is a program for those interested in a challenge and wanting to lose inches while gaining strength.  Shaun T is excellent here and does a great job motivating and explaining moves.  Go for it!

Keep up with us because I’m sure we will continue to blog about our ongoing journey!  This isn’t just a 60 day adventure…it’s a new way of life!!

Pura Vida!!