Insanity Max: 30–Round 3, Month 1 results.

Ok, peeps.  I am now almost done with my first week of the second month of IM:30 for the third time now.  I can’t believe I’ve been through this program two full times before AND THE WORKOUTS ARE STILL SO DAMN HARD.  And somehow I always seem to forget exactly hard the “Max” workouts are in the second month, and then I start this week and I’m sore all over again.

Anyway, here are my stats from the first month (and when i refer to “Day 1″, I mean Day 1 of this round of doing IM:30, not Day 1 of when I first started the program back in January):
Weight: Day 1-132; Day 30-126.8*
Stomach: Day 1-33.5″; Day 30-33
Waist: Day 1-29″; Day 30-27.75″
Hips: Day 1-38″; Day 30-37.75″
Chest (over boobs): Day 1-35.5″; Day 30-35″
Chest (under boobs): Day 1-29.75″; Day 30-29.25″
Triceps (flexed arm straight): Day 1-11″; Day 30-11″
Calves: Day 1-14.5″; Day 30-14.25”

*So, my weight obviously went down a fair amount this first month, but in the interest of full disclosure, it was right back up to 130 by Monday morning, despite eating pretty well this weekend (our one meal out was tacos from Taco Luchador on Saturday).  There’s something about my body that automatically gains weight on the weekends and it’s SO frustrating.

Here are my “progress” pics for the first month.  Progress is in quotes because I really don’t see a change at all this time.

round3month1backflex round3month1frontflex round3month1side Round3month1front



I find it hard to believe that this is as good as my body gets, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be changing much at all anymore.  I’m not really sure what more I can do at this point that wouldn’t involve a million hours in the gym, which I just simply don’t have.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at after the first month.  Hope everyone is having a good week!



Hey everyone!  The time has come to post my results of Max:30!  A posted her awesome results yesterday and I wanted to share mine.

I wanted to start by saying what this program has taught me and what I need to continue doing here on out.  I think this program has taught me a lot about food and my habits.  Whenever I did a workout program in the past, I would eat whatever I wanted, of course within moderation.  I never ate terribly, but I would mindlessly snack every single day.  I’m like my child when he gets home from school and is ravenous.  I would also get the afternoon munchies and usually go for chips and salsa, or chips and hummus, or maybe some more chips.  And maybe some peanut butter and a handful of chips.  You see where  I’m going?  Girlfriend LOVES herself some salty chips!  Don’t worry; I didn’t eat the whole bag at a sitting.  Just a handful here and there.  But that’s where 5 lbs will sneak up on you quickly!

The plan through Max:30 is strict in the sense that you only get a certain allotment of foods, veggies included.  It really teaches you portion control.  That was the hardest part.  I always thought I could eat as many greens as I wanted but that’s not the case here.  Was it easy?  No.  Food habits are SO hard to break.  In fact, it was easier for me to give up my Diet Coke addiction than it was to control my “nasty” food cravings. But it is doable. I’m here to tell you all that it is doable.  I think if you had an accountability partner or loved one to share in your journey, you’ll be even more successful.  That brings me to my next learned lesson.

Get an accountability partner!!!  I’m so thankful for A in my journey, because I talked with her nearly every day about successes and frustrations.  My husband wasn’t able to participate with me in the Max:30 workouts, but he did eat my dinners that I made.  I’m pretty sure he lost a few pounds along the way.  Anyway, having someone that can relate to your journey and support you goes such a long way.  It also helps keep you on track and motivates you.  I knew I could count on her to support me and lift me up whenever I needed it.  I’m pretty sure she’d say the same about me too.  Women just get each other and can be so powerful in their support.  I’m not saying men can’t help, because they do, it’s just that women seem to get on a deeper emotional level when it comes to our health.

So,let’s see what my results are.

Weight Day 1–135.  Then went up to 137. (remember I was gaining weight). Day 60- 134.8 lbs

Chest: Day 1–34″ Day 60–34″

under Chest Day 1–29.5″ (pretty sure mis-measured), Day 60–29.5″

Waist: Day 1–29″, Day 60–27″

Stomach (across belly button) Day 1–33″ Day 60–30″

Hips: Day 1–38.5″, Day 60–36.5″

Thighs: Day 1–22.5″, Day 60–21 3/4″

Triceps: Day 1–11.5″, Day 60–11.5″

Calves: Day 1–14 1/4″, Day 60–14″

Total of about 9 inches lost

But why the frick did I not lose really any weight???  I’m boggled.  How can someone lose 9 inches but not really any weight?  Any physics professors out there want to explain how this is possible?  Yes I’m pretty disappointed in the scale.  But inches lost is inches lost.  I feel stronger and I guess I look leaner, but I don’t feel like I look that much different.  Here are my pics.  What do you think?



FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2 IMG_0811 IMG_0776


I’m going to continue my health journey with clean eating and probably start Max:30 over again.  A side disclaimer, I managed to break my hand last friday night playing a friendly soccer game.  I just got put in a cast yesterday and was told no exercise for 2 weeks.  😦  I’m so glad I was able to finish Max:30, but I’m so sad this happened!  I don’t want to lose my strength or endurance so I’m going to have to stay busy walking or something.  The cast is annoying!

How would I rate Max:30 workouts and would I recommend them to you?  I loved this program and I would absolutely recommend this program.  It’s challenging, and only 30 minutes.  I loved the explosive moves and I saw a huge improvement in my strength and endurance.  Hell, some muscles even started to show themselves! Woohoo!  I think this is a program for those interested in a challenge and wanting to lose inches while gaining strength.  Shaun T is excellent here and does a great job motivating and explaining moves.  Go for it!

Keep up with us because I’m sure we will continue to blog about our ongoing journey!  This isn’t just a 60 day adventure…it’s a new way of life!!

Pura Vida!!